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eye.throught the mirror darkly was made for the show slices and snapshots for the picker gallery lingston university  

scematic layout for eye.ttmd. data projector showing 20 minute video

see also the work snapshots


Eye: Through The Mirror Darkly 2004. Is a video projection piece. The images are projected onto a voile screen in the form of a truncated cone, the smaller part of the cone is fixed to the wall, the larger circumference floats perpendicular to the floor, away from the wall and into the gallery. The projected images consist of a series of stills, all based around medical-imaging techniques. The work is part of a project involved in looking at the ways concept of self have changed through images and ideas spawned by science. The work is 20 minutes in duration and was shown at the Picker Gallery Kingston in the show Slices and Snapshots, 2004.


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